Join us for the CrossFit Open!

Repeat after me, “I’m in for the Open!”  Then write your name on the whiteboard in the CrossFit gym and get ready to have some FUN!!!!

The CrossFit Open is a three-week international competition where ANYONE — regardless of fitness level or ability — can compete in the biggest fitness competition in history.  This includes each and every one of YOU!!!
The 2024 Open will take place from Feb. 29-March 18.  You do NOT have to have a CrossFit membership.  You CAN participate with a group fitness membership.  Kids are welcome to participate with you, too!
“Independent of fitness level, the Open brings us together to pursue something that would not hold the same meaning or possibilities if we were just working out on our own.” ~ CrossFit
The Open consists of a series of three workouts spaced across three weeks. These Friday Night Lights allow our CFC community to unite, work out, connect, compete, cheer, socialize, and celebrate.

Open 2024 Theme at CFC Athletics = “What is fitness and Who is fit?”
Each week, Coach Josh will cover a topic:
Theme 1 = General physical skills
Theme 2 = ability to perform in all major metabolic pathways.  (Sprint, endurance, and everything in between)
Theme 3 = health and wellness.  The most important theme.  Weight, body fat, cholesterol, blood sugar, inflammation, etc.

Friday Night Lights
Friday, March 1st
Friday, March 8th
Friday, March 15th
Doors will open at 4:30 pm.
The briefing will be promptly at 5:00 pm, followed by heats of the workout.  Heats will be first served sign-up at 4:30 pm.

This year, CFC is upping the FUN FACTOR!!!
⭐  Intramural Teams:  There will be two teams to compete for the best score…where points are awarded to teams based on spirit, not performance.  Coaches Josh and Drew are the two team Captains.  Random number generation will be used to create the teams.  Get your name on the whiteboard ASAP so we can create the teams and get the camaraderie started!
⭐  Themes:
Week 1:  80’s / Neon
Week 2:  Team Theme
Week 3:  St. Patty’s Day
How do the two teams compete?
Points accrued each week by:
👉  1 point – Participate at Friday Night Lights
👉  1 point – Wear theme clothing
👉  3 points – Bring family or friends to cheer
👉  5 points to the team – Spirit of the Open – the team with the most spirit will earn 5 extra points!
Random prizes are given away each week.

For those who will be formally participating in the CrossFit Open Games, register at and choose CrossFit Chanhassen as your affiliate.

The workouts will be Rx’d, Age Groups, Scaled, and Foundations (are you a group fitness member, just started CrossFit, or maybe this is your first Open? The foundation’s workouts are a great place to start.)
SIGN UP on the whiteboard in the CrossFit gym.  Get your name up there and get your friends to join you!

If you cannot attend Friday Night Lights, you can do the assigned workout at the following Monday classes, which will have it as the WOD.  You can also arrange a time with a coach to judge you on Friday or during the weekend.  If you are out of town and need to be scored, you can do a drop-in at another CrossFit gym.

If you are not participating in the workouts, come and cheer for all your gym friends!  It’s going to be FUN!!!!

What is the CrossFit Open, and why should I sign up?

If you have any questions, ask any of your coaches or email us at